The perfect frame for your holiday

What’s best about travelling, it is discovering new places everyday, amazing yourself at each corner. Here the mankind found a gorgeous painting made by Mother Earth and crafted the perfect frame to enhance it: charming small towns, mysterious underground caverns and spiritual and cultural capitals.


In Sirolo, a tangled maze of alleys brings the tourist back in time and makes him look forward to get to the square: like the balcony of a luxurious villa, it offers the best view of the surroundings.
The Holy Rosary chapel, almost hidden between the buildings, hosts some artistically relevant masterpieces, while the archaeological site “I Pini” is a Picene necropolis dating back to the VI century B.C. where a noble lady, probably a princess is buried. It is the only place of this kind which can be visited in Italy and it is historically relevant because the Picene have been one of the first people to consider women of such importance in the society.



Only a few minutes away from Sirolo, Numana welcomes the visitor with its Sanctuary, home of a wooden crucifix dating back to the XIII-XIV century.
The avenue which links it to the panoramic terrace is hemmed by shops and ends with La Torre: a belfry or maybe a tower which protected the town from pirate’s attacks, the only ruin of the old castle survived to the big earthquake of 1930.
La Costarella, an alley totally made of steps, was once the hamlet of fishermen; today, its houses made of Conero stones edged by flowers and plants create a romantic promenade to the harbour.



Sirolo’s main source of pride is certainly the sea, but trekking, mountain biking, bird watching e photography lovers can’t miss a tour of the Mount Conero Regional Park.
The authority in charge of preserving its natural beauty is located 50 m away from the camping; there you can find maps of the many paths, mountain biking tours ad tips about the best panoramic spots, but also join a guided tour through the woods, a night time walk to admire the starry sky away from the city lights or a wine and food itinerary of the local wineries.



The Frasassi caves, discovered in 1971, are an underground beauty where Nature created sculptures such as stalactites and stalagmites and which today can be visited on guided tours for adults and children.



Loreto is one of the main Christian sites, home of the Holy House Sanctuary, destination for thousands of pilgrims every year. The legend says that once the Sanctuary was the house of the Virgin Mary, which the angels moved from Palestine to Loreto brick by brick.



City of Poetry, it is the hometown of the poet Giacomo Leopardi (1798-1837). Walking through its tiny alleys, you will see the window Silvia used to sit at while embroidering, the tower which inspired one of his most famous poems, Il Passero Solitario¸ and also sit where he sat while writing L’infinito. His heirs still live in his house, but its library can be visited on guided tours.