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Traditional dishes not to be missed

Your holiday among the typical dishes of the Conero

Typical dishes can only have the flavour of the sea. They are often poor dishes elevated to excellence both for their nutritional values and for their ability to tell stories and traditions.

Come and taste them with us!

Stoccafisso all’anconitana

Here we are talking about a real institution, the culinary tradition of Stoccafisso all’Anconitana was born in the 17th century, when the ‘stocco’ was introduced to Ancona by the vessels of merchants from the northern seas: the dried cod, which served as provisions for long sea voyages, soon became a protagonist on the tables of the people of Ancona. In 1997, the Accademia dello stoccafisso all’anconitana (Academy of Ancona-style stockfish) was established to protect the typicality of this dish.

The Brodetto

Brodetto is a tasty fish soup that in the Marche region comes in at least four different versions, two of which are only in the Conero Riviera area. In Ancona, it is necessarily prepared with 13 different species of fish and seafood: 13 like the ‘cannelle’ of the Calamo Fountain in the centre of Ancona, or, for the more mystical, like the number of diners at the Last Supper.

A dense soup, rich in aromas and flavours, originally born from the cuisine of fishermen who brought discarded fish back to their homes because they were unsuitable for sale at the market. It is accompanied by bruschette of stale bread.

A rival version is brodetto Portorecanatese, which differs because it is ‘in bianco’ and enriched with saffron.

Which will be your favourite?

The moscioli

The wild mussel proliferates between Portonovo and Sirolo’s Sassi Neri beach. It is a local tradition to collect the moscioli by diving close to the rocks with mask and flippers; walking along the shoreline, you will come across people sitting on the shoreline scraping the black shells of freshly caught moscioli, proud of their net bags full of mussels. The moscioli will soon end up in the pan to season a tasty spaghetti dish to share with friends.

There are various preparations involving this ductile ingredient, but spaghetti with moscioli if you come to the Conero, you really must try them!

Sardoncini a scottadito

The king of the cucina povera is undoubtedly the Sardò a scottadito; the sardoncino is a small blue fish typical of the Adriatic catch, which is breaded in a fragrant mixture of breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley and cooked on a grill; the characteristic of this dish is all told in its name: it should be eaten with the tips of the fingers as soon as it is taken out of the fire, a gesture that enriches the simplicity of this recipe with the value of the work and authenticity of the seafaring people of the past, making you feel part of an ancient way of life that we do not want to forget.

Bumbarelli in porchetta

Bombetti, bumbarelli or cuccioletti, as the little sea snails are called in our parts, live an indissoluble love affair with wild fennel, destined to end in a marriage rich in taste and flavour and lasting for decades: bumbarelli in porchetta.

Fished from the sea, they are delicately cooked in a voluptuous sauce with a strong character, flavoured with wild fennel and destined to leave no trace in the bottom of any plate for the inevitable ‘scarpetta’ that you won’t be able to resist.

The excellence of the Conero

The soft hills of the Conero area, kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea breeze, give life to fine ruby red wines: Rosso Conero Doc and Conero Docg. The Rosso Conero road is a route that connects all the municipalities involved in this production, where it is possible to meet families that have been handing down for generations the knowledge and passion necessary to make these excellent wines.

Local wineries organise various tours and tastings and what better souvenir to take home with you than a sip of your holiday?

for more excitement?

Le Marche still wants to surprise you

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