plunging into a sea of emotions

The blue of the sky gradually blends into the many shades of aquamarine of the sea, the crystal-clear water gently strokes the lush green of the mountain.
Here nature is an artist painting colourful landscapes, drawing the same view in endless different shades. Sirolo is where the magic happens: sea, nature and relax within a stone’s throw.

After the harbour, a long stretch of coast begins. Here you’ll find every comfort, such as beach resorts, bars, restaurants and so on.
Eugenio beach resort, affiliated to Green Garden Camping Village, is located a little bit more than 1 km from the village, on the coastline. It’s one of the most equipped resorts in the area, the ideal place for families with kids, where you can relax and have fun with its many facilities: beach volley, sailing, sup and windsurf school organised by Numana sailing club.



Probably the most astonishing beaches of the central Adriatic coast, their main features are the transparent water and the white round pebbles in the sea bottom. Due Sorelle means Two Sisters, this name is due to the two similar white stacks, looking like two sisters.
It is not accessible from the main land, but you can either go on a cruise from Numana’s harbour or rent a boat.



Another bay set at the bottom of Conero, it begins from Urbani’s northern stack and forms a long strip of beach made of pebbles and spots of sand. The first part, called “San Michele”, offers both free areas and beach resorts, bars and restaurant and a blue-turquoise sea. Then, if you keep going, you’ll end up in Sassi Neri, a wilder piece of coast without restaurants, bars and resorts, to enjoy the beauty of nature in complete harmony with it. It’s name, Sassi Neri, literally means black stones and refers to the colours of the cliff overlooking the sea.



Small bay set between two stacks forming a “C”, it offers both free areas and beach resorts, bars and restaurants. The sea is usually calm, thanks to a row of rocks and crystal clear. The beach is made of small pebbles, due to the crumbling of the mountain’s rock.



Going south from Urbani, Frati beach is a tiny piece of coast set between a stack and the harbour, with low, clear water, which then continues with La Spiaggiola, a beach resort at the bottom of the hill where the old town of Numana is located.



Going north, after the promontory, there is another long bay with both resorts and free areas. You can reach Portonovo by car in about 15 minutes, while Mezzavalle, the wilder side of the bay, is accessible from the main street through a steep path in the woods or by boat.